Lottery Sambad Old Results 8PM, 4PM and 11AM

Lottery Sambad old result 8PM, 4PM and 11AM. Lottery Sambad 4.00pm, 8.00pm and 11.55am old Results at, Lottery Sambad 11.55am, Lottery Sambad 4pm and Lottery Sambad 8pm Results daily draw publishing with Mizoram State Lotteries, Sikkim State Lotteries, West Bengal State Lottery and Nagaland State Lottery.

Lottery Sambad Old Results

Lottery Sambad today morning result will publish at 11.55am, Lottery Sambad today day result will publish at 4.00pm and Lottery Sambad today morning result will publish at 8.00pm. Candidates can check and compere lottery ticket numbers with the gazatte PDF file or Images. Lottery Sambad Lottery Result 11am, 4pm and 8pm Result gazatte update on everyday. Daily Lottery Sambad Results we be publish and here you can check PDF and DBF files. Please check the results with relevant Official Government Gazatte or else you will be desalinated after wen you get to know the original gazatte.

Mizoram State Lotteries Old Result

DBF                                  11:55 AM                       PDF

DBF                                   4:00 PM                        PDF

Sikkim State Lotteries Old Result

DBF                               4:00 PM                        PDF

DBF                               8:00 PM                         PDF

Nagaland State Lotteries Old Result

DBF                               4:00 PM                         PDF

DBF                               8:00 PM                         PDF

West Bengal State Lotteries Old Result

DBF                                3:00 PM                          PDF


Note:- Here is Lottery Sambad Today Result, you can check your Winning lottery Numbers here if you mach with the original Gazette your are the winner. Today’s Draw winners should verify the winning lottery numbers with print out of the original results published in the Kerala State Govt Gazette and submit the tickets within 1 month.
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